Petition for Appointment of Guardian

  • Initially, an Attorney must file a Petition for Appointment of Guardian with the Court by bringing the said Petition to the Register of Wills/Clerk of the Orphans' Court Office with filing fees.
  • A copy must be presented to the Court Administrators Office with Certificate of Presentation, receipt for filing fee, and Proposed Order for a hearing date.

Guardian Report Information:

  • Guardians are then required to file an Inventory within 90 days.
  • Annual Reports must be filed yearly from the date of appointment.
  • In addition, within 60 days of death of the incapacitated person, the Guardian must file a final report with the Court.
  • To file guardianship reports online contact the Register of Wills office for instruction

Legal Services

If you feel like you may need legal advise or would prefer an attorney to help you through the process please contact:

Fayette County Bar Association at 724-437-7994


Additional forms can be found on the AOPC's website listed below