Public Records

Preserving Different Types of Records

It is the intent of Fayette County to provide information to the public in the most cost efficient, effective and prompt manner.

Fayette County recognizes the need to preserve documents for historical purposes in compliance with the Pennsylvania Historical And Museum Commission (PHMC) and to comply with the established guidelines set by the PHMC for document retention, as well as, to comply with Act 2 of 2008 commonly referred to as the Pennsylvania New Right To Know Law. To that end, the following have been established:

  • For archival purposes and the records dating back to 1700 for certain Row Offices, visit the Record Archivist.
  • For inactive records which are no longer needed for day to day operations of an office, but which must be retained for extended periods of time to satisfy legal requirements in accordance with the PHMC and the Pennsylvania Open
    Records Law, Fayette County improved its records management
    and storage with the adoption and implementation of the Fayette County Records Retention Policy and Procedure.
  • For requesting a public document subject to Pennsylvania's New Right To Know Law, refer to Fayette County Open Records.