Fee Schedule


New UPI Fee Per PIN Number

New UPI Fee Per PIN Number (PDF)
(Starting August 1, 2014): $20 Per Pin Number

Fee Schedule

View the Recorder of Deeds Fee Schedule (PDF)

Remember to add $20 per PIN number to the fee of documents in bold. This fee is not included in the fee listed on the fee sheet.

In addition to the fees listed, add all that apply:

  • Additional Pages over 4: $2.00 Per Page
  • Indexing Fee Per Names over 4: $.50 Each Name
  • Marginal Notation: $2.00 Per Notation
  • Please Note

  • Recording fees and realty transfer tax can be all in one check. All checks to be made payable to "Fayette County Recorder of Deeds".
  • Please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope for return of original documents.
  • Realty Transfer Tax is 1% State and 1% Local.
  • The consideration or reason for exemption must be stated in the document or include the original statement of value form as a page in the document. Also include a duplicate to be sent to the State.
  • Copies are 50 cents per page. Copies via mail are $1.00 per page.
  • Certified copies are $3.00, plus cost of copy, per page.

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