No Show Policy, Customer Service, & Storm Watch

No Show Policy

The following No Show Policy is in effect:

  1. A no show is determined when the Fayette Area Coordinated Transportation (FACT) driver arrives at the pick up location and no one appears for the ride. The FACT driver will notify the FACT office and wait for five minutes to confirm the no show. The FACT office may call the client to give a verbal warning that the trip was scheduled but not taken. It is important that we have a current phone number where the client may be reached. There will be no penalty for the first scheduled ride missed without a cancellation notice to the FACT office.
  2. The second scheduled ride missed without a cancellation notice to the FACT office will result in a written warning of disruption of service. Two no-shows within 90 days will result in suspension from the program for 30 days.
  3. If you do not show up for your first scheduled ride on a particular day, any other trips you had scheduled for that day will be cancelled unless you notified FACT office.
  4. Cancellations are not recorded as a no-show if the client calls within two hours prior to the scheduled appointment time and cancels the trip. A notice is sent to the client after 2 no-shows within a 90 day period will be given a 30 day suspension. Further infractions may result in permanent suspension. This policy shall apply for one year after the first no show.

Customer Service & Complaint Process

Managing client complaints and promptly resolving service issues are extremely important parts of the on-going administration of the FACT.

FACT strives to efficiently handle client complaints in the following manner:

  • Identify the problem and parties involved
  • Contact persons involved
  • Notify the appropriate staff of the complaint
  • Discuss the complaint with the persons involved
  • Compile information and resolve complaint
  • Respond in a timely manner to appropriate staff and other persons involved in the resolution.
  • Respond to client complaints within 5 business days

Storm Watch

In case of inclement weather, Fayette County Transportation information can be obtained from one of the following radio stations:

  • WMBS – 590 AM
  • WPKL – 99.3 FM
  • WOGG – 94.9 FM

If you have any questions call FACT at 724-628-7433.