County Prison

Mission Statement

The Fayette County Prison maintains care, custody, and control of inmates as mandated by law.

Those include inmates held in custody pending disposition of his or her respective cases by the Courts and those already convicted of a criminal act and sentenced to a term of incarceration.

The Fayette County Prison is a tobacco free facility.


  • Jeffrey N. Myers, Warden
  • John Lenkey, Deputy Warden of Security
  • William Vanmeter, Major

Fayette County HR Coronavirus Update, with photograph of an individual using hand sanitizer.

Coronavirus Update - Inmate Visitation

Due to Covid-19, all Inmate Visitation has officially been suspended until further notice. 

Inmates can use the tablets provided for video visitation. 

Inmates may also use the telephone system during this time. Throughout this crisis, Inmates will be given two (2) free five (5) minute phone calls per week.