Public Meetings

Pennsylvania Sunshine Act

The Pennsylvania Sunshine Act requires all public agencies to take all official actions and conduct all deliberations leading up to official actions at public meetings. Sunshine Laws help to curtail inappropriate behavior by government officials, educate the public through improved media coverage of government activities and provide public scrutiny to governmental decision making.

Additional Information

  • Public officials should utilize this process to gain an understanding of public opinion on issues.
  • Open Public Meetings can build public faith and trust in the political process.
  • All meetings are open to the public and residents are encouraged to attend.
  • Commissioners Meetings can be viewed on Herald Standard website.
  • Meetings are subject to change with proper legal notice.
  • Minutes of the Commissioners Meetings can be viewed and downloaded from the Commissioners web page or in the agenda center.
  • Minutes of the Prison Board, Retirement Board and Salary Board Public Meetings are also public documents.