About Us

The Fayette County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) operates under the various Federal and State Laws establishing and governing the duties and responsibilities of the Emergency Management at every level of government.

The Fayette County EMA adopted the “all hazards” approach to emergency management or referred to as the Integrated Emergency Management System.

Areas of Operation

The goals of the Fayette County Emergency Management Agency are outlined under our four areas of operation.

1: Mitigation

To reduce the vulnerability of the populace and property of the county to injury and loss resulting from natural or man-made disasters.

2: Preparedness

To effectively educate the public regarding their responsibilities in responding to disasters affecting the County.

To work with the numerous emergency response agencies to offer training and informational seminars to the county emergency responders.

3: Response

To coordinate prompt and efficient rescue, care and treatment of persons threatened or victimized by disaster.

4: Recovery

To coordinate the rapid and orderly restoration and recovery following disasters.

Emergency Management is not a replacement for, police, fire, EMS, Red Cross, and other important community functions. Rather it is a system for coordinating and managing the multiple services when all are responding to a community/county threat.

History of Emergency Management in the U.S.

Historically, we find that there have been federal agencies charged with managing domestic and defense emergencies since Franklin D. Roosevelt’s first administration. In the 1950s, the federal government established separate agencies for managing war-related emergencies and relief from natural disasters. During the 1960s and early 1970s, additional federal agencies, taking on various titles based around the theme of civil defense or emergency preparedness operated various program elements of the federal program.

Throughout the years there have been various titles attached to emergency organizations. However the functions and missions have not significantly changed. In 1979, the federal government consolidated all disaster-related agencies into a single organization entitled the Federal Emergency Management Agency and tasked it to coordinate all emergencies relating to natural hazards, defense-related issues, and man-made or technological disasters. The Homeland Security Act of 2002 established the Department of Homeland Security which FEMA became a part of in 2003.

Emergency Services Code

The Emergency Services Code, Act 1978-323, established the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA). Its mission assignment is to assure prompt, proper and effective discharge of basic Commonwealth responsibilities relating to civil defense and disaster preparedness operations and recovery.

Establishment of Fayette County EMA

In the same way, Fayette County has established the Fayette County Emergency Management Agency, The County EMA is not a replacement for, or an addition to, the police, fire, and EMS. Rather it is a system for coordinating and managing these multiple services when all are responding to a community threat.