No Show & Cancellation Policy

No-Show / Late Cancellation Policy

Fayette Area Coordinated Transportation’s (FACT) has developed this no-show policy to ensure the agency provides efficient paratransit/shared-ride services to its riders. No-show includes late cancellations. FACT records no-shows for all of its customers. A suspension of service may result in the event of “pattern or practice” of a rider missing scheduled trips. Sanctions will not be imposed on no-shows beyond a rider’s control.

Defining No-Show

A no-show is defined as:

  • any time a driver goes to pick-up a rider and the customer decides not to use the service
  • any time a rider is not ready or fails to show up for the service within five minutes of the vehicle's arrival within the 30-minute pick-up window
  • late cancellation - any time a customer has not called in to cancel his/her trip at least one (1) hour before the scheduled pick-up time

Extenuating Circumstances

Following are examples of extenuating circumstances in which FACT will not consider a trip a no-show:

  • reasons not under the control of the customer
  • operator error such as late pick-up or departing without waiting five minutes
  • FACT administrative error such as scheduling error or wrong pick-up location
  • lateness of FACT vehicle
  • medical emergency
  • family emergency
  • accidents


The FACT cancellation policy is as follows:

  • Customers must contact FACT to cancel any trips they do not intend on taking.
  • Customers must contact FACT at least one hour before the scheduled pick-up time.
  • A no-show does not automatically cancel subsequent trip(s).
  • It is the rider’s responsibility to cancel all scheduled trip(s).

Customers should contact FACT at 724-628-7433, if a no-show was beyond their control.