Reasonable Modification

Public Notice

The FACT values all of their customers and will strive to ensure their customers, in particular, those with disabilities’ needs are considered when developing fixed route bus services and stops, passenger amenities, and when procuring vehicles and equipment. FACT’s customers who utilize their ADA complementary paratransit service are provided with door to door service vs curb to curb in order to better serve their needs. As part of this commitment, the FACT has updated their ADA Policy & Procedures in regards to Requests for Reasonable Modification by Persons with a Disability.

Reasonable Modification

To ensure that programs and services are accessible to customers with a disability, an individual may request that a modification to FACT’s public transit services be made in order to allow them to access and utilize the services.

There are no restrictions on when a customer can request a reasonable modification although the FACT supports and encourages customers to place a written request as soon as possible.

Reasonable Modification Exceptions

Reasonable modification requests to the FACT Staff must consider any and all requests for reasonable modifications but shall take into account the following exceptions that reasonable modifications:

  • Will not place an undue financial and/or administrative burden on the FACT and/or their transportation contractors;
  • Will not constitute a fundamental alteration of FACT’s current transportation services, programs or activities
  • Cannot cause a direct threat to the health or safety of others
  • Cannot adversely affect the service provided to other FACT customers
  • Cannot jeopardize the functionality or use of equipment used to provide FACT’s transit services
  • May not be approved if the individual with a disability is still able to fully use the FACT’s services, programs, or activities for their intended purpose without the requested modification