Advisory Board

In addition to the invaluable contributions of our staff, providers, and the community, Fayette County Behavioral Health Administration (FCBHA) is honored to have two volunteer Advisory Boards that are instrumental to our mission and vision.

Fayette County Behavioral Health Advisory Board

The Fayette County Behavioral Health Advisory Board is comprised of thirteen county-resident members who represent general areas of the public including:

  • The board of county commissioners
  • Community groups representing the economically, socially, and/or culturally disadvantaged
  • Local citizens’ organizations active in the field of mental health, intellectual disabilities, and/or health and welfare planning
  • Local general hospitals
  • Physicians; representatives of the fields of psychology, social work, nursing education, and/or religion
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The primary role of this Advisory Board is to:

  1. Review and evaluate programs, services, facilities, and special problems
  2. Develop, together with the Administrator, annual plans for the program
  3. Make recommendations to the local authorities regarding program matters
  4. Review performance and recommend a system of evaluations
  5. Other functions as required

FCBHA HealthChoices Advisory Board

The FCBHA HealthChoices Advisory Board is a nine member board representing similar community groups. 


The primary function of this board is to develop, review, and evaluate existing services funded by HealthChoices, the managed care component for behavioral health services available to consumers who are Medical Assistance eligible. The careful and skillful administration of the HealthChoices program allows new and innovative treatments and services to be made available to Fayette County residents on a regular and ongoing basis.

Serve as a Member

If you are a community-minded individual, you may be interested in serving as a member of the FCBHA Advisory Board. This volunteer Board serves in an advisory capacity to the County Commissioners and the FCBHA Administrator in developing and planning services to meet the behavioral health needs of the citizens of Fayette County.

Composition of the Board is regulated by the Pennsylvania Code, Chapter 4200 (PDF). Each year, the Fayette County Board of Commissioners appoint members to this board in December or the following January. If you would like to be considered for any openings on the Advisory Board, please fill out an application (PDF) and return to the address on the top of the application.