Specialty Courts

What are Specialty Courts?

Specialty Courts (also known as Problem-Solving Courts) have been established to provide TREATMENT rather than PUNISHMENT for non-violent offenders who have been diagnosed with substance abuse and/or mental health issues.

 The ultimate goal of these courts is to address, through appropriate substance abuse and/or mental health treatment, thus hopefully reducing  the (Ideally ELIMINATING) individuals' future involvement with the criminal justice system. Studies conducted throughout the United States make clear that such courts DO have an appreciable impact on recidivism rates.

Through the initiative of retired Common Pleas Judges the Honorable Conrad. B. Capuzzi and the Honorable Gerald R. Solomon, and the continuing guidance of President Judge the Honorable John. F. Wagner, Jr., Fayette County has created three Specialty Courts, namely:

  • Drug Treatment Court
  • Behavioral Treatment Court
  • Veterans Treatment Court
FCC Series 2
FCC Series 6
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To learn more about Specialty Courts click to read a brief, informative article entitled The Achievements of Specialty Courts in the United States from the Scholars Strategy Network.

Eligibility Requirements for Specialty Courts

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  • Fayette County Resident
  • Non-Violent Offender
  • At Least 18 Years of Age
  • Primary Substance Abuse Diagnosis
  • Prior Record Score Under 5
  • Plea Offer of at Least 12 Months
  • Willingness to Follow Treatment Recommendations 
Specialty Courts Brochure