Smithfield Borough

General Character

Smithfield Borough is located along the Route 119 corridor south of Uniontown. The Borough has a variety of residential and neighborhood commercial uses located around Route 119. The Borough is also within a State Enterprise Zone and has easy access to the new Route 43 interchanges. These two factors lend to positive future growth within the Borough.


Key Attributes

  • Close proximity to the new Route 43 and interchanges
  • Location within State Enterprise Zone

Existing Built Area

  • 40% of Borough land area
  • The Existing Built is located primarily along the Route 119 corridor

Future Growth Areas

  • 14% of Borough land area
  • Due to the influence of the Enterprise Zone and Route 43, the Borough will likely see growth on available lands adjacent to the Route 119 corridor

Agricultural Conservation

  • 30% of Borough land area

Land Reclamation

  • 7% of Borough land area
  • Three sites throughout the Borough

Rural Conservation

  • 9% of Borough land area