Point Marion Borough

General Character

Point Marion Borough is located in the southwestern portion of the County at the convergence of the Cheat and Monongahela Rivers. The Borough is largely built out with an existing urban fabric. The town of Point Marion includes a variety of uses such as residential, commercial, neighborhood commercial and light industrial. There is also a municipal park that offers different amenities including a river access point.


Key Attributes

  • Rivers access for boating, fishing and other forms of recreation

Existing Built Area

  • 66% of Borough land area
  • The existing built areas lie south of the river convergence and along a street pattern that parallels the Monongahela River

Future Growth Areas

  • Growth will occur as in-fill and reuse within the existing urban fabric

Recreation/Cultural Resource Conservation

  • 4% of Borough land area
  • Municipal Park

Resource Preservation

  • 16% of Borough land area

Rural Conservation

  • 14% of Borough land area