Perryopolis Borough

General Character

Perryopolis Borough is located in the northern portion of the County east of the Route 51 corridor. The Borough has a unique make up of historic and modern uses. The town center makes up the largest amount of existing uses including neighborhood commercial and residential uses. The fringes of the Borough surrounding the town have a rural character composed primarily of an agricultural landscape.

Zoning & Comprehensive Plan

Perryopolis Borough maintains its own zoning and comprehensive plan. The information in this plan reflects the County's view of future land use only and has no bearing on the Borough's Comprehensive plan. Please refer to a copy of the Perryopolis comprehensive plan and future land use map for an accurate depiction of future land use in Perryopolis Borough.


Key Attributes

  • Historic significance of town center

Existing Built Area

  • 44% of Borough land area
  • The Existing Built area is located in the central portion of the Borough and is made up of a variety of historic and modern structures

Future Growth Areas

  • 8% of Borough land area
  • Growth will occur as in-fill and reuse of the existing urban fabric and along the Route 51 corridor

Agricultural Conservation

  • 17% of Borough land area

Resource Preservation

  • 8% of Borough land area

Land Reclamation

  • 6% of Borough land area
  • Two sites in the Borough

Rural Conservation

  • 17% of Borough land area