Nicholson Township

General Character

Nicholson Township is located in the western portion of Fayette County along the Monongahela River. The Township has a predominantly rural character with several small towns that contain the bulk of the build area in the Township. The remnants of the coal industry can be seen throughout the Township in settlement patterns and in the many industrial scars left upon landscape.


Unincorporated Settlements

  • There are four unincorporated settlements in the municipality, New Geneva, Martin, Gallatin and Grayslanding

Key Attributes

  • Access to the Monongahela River

Existing Built Area

  • 3% of Township land area
  • The Existing Built areas are located in the western portion of the Township along the Monongahela River

Future Growth Areas

  • 1% of Township land area
  • Growth will occur in eastern portion of the Township along the Route 119 corridor

Rural Villages

  • 1% of Township land area
  • Martin
  • New Geneva

Commercial Conservation

  • 6% of Township land area
  • Six areas throughout the Township

Agricultural Conservation

  • 9% of Township land area
  • Located throughout the Township

Resource Preservation

  • 27% of Township land area

Land Reclamation

  • 25% of Township land area
  • Twenty-eight sites throughout the Township

Rural Conservation

  • 28% of Township land area