Markleysburg Borough

General Character

Markleysburg Borough is located in the southeastern most portion of Fayette County and is surrounded entirely by Henry Clay Township. The Borough is made up of a variety of uses including neighborhood commercial and residential. The mixture of uses in the community creates a unique village in this rural portion of the County. A variety of recreation amenities, the most important being the Youghiogheny Reservoir is also close by.


Key Attributes

  • Located near recreation areas such as the Youghiogheny Reservoir

Existing Built Area

  • 44% of Borough land area
  • The Existing Built area in the Borough is located along the Route 281 corridor

Future Growth Areas

  • Growth will occur sporadically on vacant lands and as in-fill into the existing community

Agricultural Conservation

  • 47% of Borough land area
  • Located along the fringes of the Borough

Rural Conservation

  • 9% of Borough land area