Lower Tyrone Township

General Character

Lower Tyrone Township is located approximately 12 miles north of Uniontown and borders Westmoreland County. The Township has a predominantly rural character with small pockets of residential uses. Large areas in the Township are agrarian open space including the manicured Linden Hall Country Club and golf course.


Unincorporated Settlements

  • There are two unincorporated settlements in the municipality, Hulltown and Raineytown

Key Attributes

  • Fair Grounds
  • Linden Hall

Existing Built Area

  • 1% of Township land area
  • The Existing Built area is located along the Youghiogheny River near Dawson

Future Growth Areas

  • Growth will occur with small development in the rural community

Recreation/Cultural Resource Conservation

  • 6% of Township land area
  • There are two recreation areas, Linden Hall and the Fair Grounds

Commercial Conservation

  • 2% of Township land area
  • One area located in the eastern portion of the Township

Agricultural Conservation

  • 13% of Township land area
  • Located throughout the Township

Resource Preservation

  • 34% of Township land area

Land Reclamation

  • 9% of Township land area
  • One area in the west-central portion of the Township

Rural Conservation

  • 35% of Township land area