Jefferson Township

General Character

Jefferson Township is located in the northwestern portion of Fayette County along the Monongahela River. The Township has a largely rural and agrarian landscape. Development is located in small communities and along the Route 201 corridor.


Unincorporated Settlements

  • There are three significant unincorporated settlements in the municipality, Grindstone, Lowber, and Redstone

Key Attributes

  • Access to the Monongahela River

Existing Built Area

  • 7% of Township land area
  • The Existing Built areas are located along the Route 201 corridor and in the northern most portion of the Township

Future Growth Areas

  • Growth will occur as small-scale development within the rural community

Rural Villages

  • 0.6% of Township land area
  • Grindstone

Commercial Conservation

  • 8% of Township land area
  • Three areas located throughout the Township

Agricultural Conservation

  • 13% of Township land area
  • Located throughout the central portion of the Township

Resource Preservation

  • 45% of Township land area

Land Reclamation

  • 0.4% of Township land area
  • Twelve sites throughout the Township

Rural Conservation

  • 26% of Township land area