Franklin Township

General Character

Franklin Township is located approximately 8 miles north of the City of Uniontown along the Route 51 corridor. The Township has a predominantly rural character with several pockets of residential settlements. The Route 51 corridor contains the largest amount of developed area including residential, highway commercial and light industrial uses.


Unincorporated Settlements

  • There are three significant unincorporated settlements in the municipality, Juniata, Bitner, Smock, Flatwoods and Laurel Hill

Key Attributes

  • Swiss Heights Recreation Area

Existing Built Area

  • 1% of Township land area
  • The Existing Built areas are spread along the Route 51 corridor as is traverses the Township from north to south

Future Growth Areas

  • Growth within the Township will be on a small scale and occur along the Route 51 corridor or sporadically throughout the Township

Rural Villages

  • 1% of Township land area
  • Bitner
  • Juniata
  • Smock

Commercial Conservation

  • 0.4% of Township land area
  • Four areas located in the eastern portion of the Township

Agricultural Conservation

  • 14% of Township land area
  • Located throughout the eastern portion of the Township

Resource Preservation

  • 41% of Township land area

Land Reclamation

  • 10% of Township land area
  • Seventeen sites throughout the Township

Rural Conservation

  • 32.6% of Township land area