Fayette City Borough

General Character

Fayette City is located in the eastern portion of Fayette County, along the Monongahela River. The Borough is largely built out and contains a mixture of commercial and residential uses. Route 201 passes through the center of the Borough and is lined with neighborhood commercial uses most of which occupy older buildings and storefronts. Older single and multi-family residential uses are located on the slopes above Route 201.


Key Attributes

  • Boat launch on the Monongahela River

Existing Built Area

  • 30% of Borough land area
  • Large portions of the available developable lands are built out

Future Growth Areas

  • Growth in the Borough will be limited to any remaining developable lands, in-fill and reuse of the existing urban fabric

Resource Preservation

  • 26% of Borough land area

Land Reclamation

  • 3% of Borough land area
  • One area in the northern portion of the Borough

Rural Conservation

  • 41% of Borough land area