Fairchance Borough

General Character

Fairchance Borough is located approximately 6 miles southeast of Uniontown in the middle of Georges Township. The Borough has a rural small town character. The majority of the development lies adjacent to the Route 857 corridor and contains a mixture of residential and neighborhood commercial uses.


Key Attributes

  • Close proximity to two new highway interchanges

Existing Built Area

  • 58% of Borough land area
  • The Existing Built areas are located adjacent to Route 857

Future Growth Areas

  • 12% of Borough land area
  • Due to the influence of Interstate 43, future growth is likely to occur on available lands in the Borough
  • In-fill and reuse of the existing fabric will also be a factor in growth

Resource Preservation

  • 4% of Borough land area

Land Reclamation

  • 13% of Borough land area
  • One large area in the northwest portion of the Borough

Rural Conservation

  • 13% of Borough land area