Child Custody Services

COVID-19 Updates

The Child Custody Services Office is currently operating under a normal schedule and conducting mediations and partial custody hearings in person.  If you are unable to participate in person because of a COVID infection, please contact the Child Custody Services Office at least one business day prior to your scheduled mediation to arrange for participation by Zoom.  If you are represented by an attorney, your attorney may appear in person on your behalf and you do not need to be present so long as you are available to your attorney by phone.


Forms are available for filing an initial custody complaint and for filing petitions for modification or contempt.  These forms can also be purchased in a printed packet with instructions from the Fayette County Law Library for $13.

Forms for filing a Complaint for Custody

Forms for filing a Petition for Modification or a Petition for Contempt of a Custody Order


The Child Custody Services Office conducts mediations and hearings regarding legal and physical custody of minor children between parents, grandparents, and third parties. 

  • Our office cannot provide legal advice regarding custody cases.  If you are in need of legal advice regarding your case, please contact an attorney.
  • The Child Custody Services Office is not a filing office.  Complaints, motions, pleadings, and other documents should be filed with the Prothonotary or the Court Administrator's Office, as appropriate.
  • Parties are only permitted to speak with the mediator or hearing officer assigned to their case during scheduled mediation conferences and hearings.  The mediators/hearing officers cannot provide legal advice to parties.
  • The Child Custody Services does not conduct custody trials, custody motions, or matters relating to child support.