City of Uniontown

General Character

Centrally located, the City of Uniontown is the major urban hub of Fayette County. Being the County Seat, Uniontown has historically been the center of county politics, finance, and commerce. The urban fabric of Uniontown reflects the significance of these entities in the geography of the city. Today, much of the city is built out and contains a variety of uses including residential, commercial, industrial and open space.

Zoning & Comprehensive Plan

The City of Uniontown maintains its own zoning and comprehensive plan. The information in this plan reflects the County's view of future land use only and has no bearing on the City's Comprehensive plan. Please refer to a copy of the City of Uniontown's Comprehensive plan and future land use map for an accurate depiction of future land use in the City of Uniontown.


Key Attributes

  • The County Seat
  • Rich historic artifacts

Existing Built Area

  • 98% of the City's land area
  • Much of Uniontown is currently built out

Future Growth Areas

  • Growth within the city will occur through in-fill of the existing fabric and reuse of existing sites or structures

Recreation/Cultural Resource Conservation

  • 2% of the City's land area
  • There are several urban parks and open spaces located within the City