Scanner Information

Monitor Radio Traffic Online

You can access a feed of Fayette and Greene County public safety radio traffic online using the Broadcastify website. The feed is maintained by a third party (not Fayette or Greene County) and may be subject to downtime or lag issues beyond our control. This link is for reference only. Fayette County 911 is not responsible for its content.

Compatible Radios

View a List of Radios That Will Work on the New System (PDF).

Radio Frequencies & Radio System Information

The following frequencies are utilized by the Fayette County 911 Center in communications with all of the emergency services providers in Fayette County.

Channel UseRadio Frequencies
Fire Dispatch and Pager Activation155.190 megahertz (MHz)
EMS Dispatch and Pager Activation55.295 MHz
Brownsville Police155.190 MHz
No longer used by 911 Center, but may be used by local police departments as a tactical channel.155.130 MHz
155.250 MHz
155.565 MHz
155.430 MHz
Police Secondary
State and Federal Parks to 911
Ohiopyle Boro Police
155.010 MHz
800 MHz Trunked Radio System: These channels cover all Fire, EMS, and Police operations and dispatching for the County.855.4625 MHz
857.4625 MHz
858.4625 MHz
859.4625 MHz
860.4625 MHz
858.2375 MHz
860.2375 MHz
Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMARS)453.525 MHz
National Weather Service IFLOWS System170.275 MHz

800 mHz Digital Trunked System

View Current Scanner Information (PDF) for the new radio system.