Adult Probation and Parole Department

Due to cautionary measures regarding Coronavirus, officers will meet with clients by appointment only.  DO NOT PHYSICALLY REPORT TO THE OFFICE UNLESS YOU ARE INSTRUCTED OTHERWISE.  Contact with this office must be made by phone at 724-430-1251 or by text messaging your officer.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Fayette County Adult Probation and Parole Department is to effect pro-social behavioral change in the individuals we supervise in order to aid in their rehabilitation, enhance their quality of life, and promote community safety.

Public Service Building

Electronic Monitoring Fees  

Payments for electronic monitoring fees can be made in person, at our office, or online. Cash, money order, credit or debit cards are accepted. We do not accept checks.  For online electronic monitoring fee payments, please thoroughly read and complete the online form using

Criminal Court Collections  

Payments for fines and costs for criminal cases can be made in person, through the mail, or online to the Fayette County Clerk of Courts. For online payments, please thoroughly read and complete the online form using ePay.

Reentry Services

Our Vision

To provide justice involved individuals the support necessary to successfully reintegrate into the local community and remain crime free.

Our Mission

The mission of the Fayette County Reentry Coalition is to promote respect, dignity, and self-preservation to justice involved individuals. We will do this by providing support systems from faith-based and community organizations, assisting individuals to remain offense free while enhancing public safety.


All justice involved persons are eligible for reentry services, which includes both county and state supervision. Referrals can be made by prison staff, probation officers, attorneys, judges, support agencies, and self-referrals.

Links to Reentry Services

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