Brownsville Township

General Character

Brownsville Township is located in the northwest portion of Fayette County, adjacent to Brownsville Borough. The central portion of the Township is dominated by a mixture of commercial and residential uses that flank the Route 40 corridor. The northern and southern portions have a rural character.


Existing Built Area

  • 26% of Township land area
  • The Existing Built areas are concentrated along the Route 40 corridor

Future Growth Areas

  • 5% of Township land area
  • Growth will continue on available lands in the Route 40 corridor

Commercial Conservation

  • 1% of Township land area
  • Primarily located in the valley south of Brownsville Borough

Agricultural Conservation

  • 12% of Township land area
  • Located in the northern and southern portion of the Township

Resource Preservation

  • 33% of Township land area

Land Reclamation

  • 2% of Township land area

Rural Conservation

  • 21% of Township land area