Brownsville Borough

General Character

Brownsville Borough is located in the northwest portion of Fayette County, approximately 13 miles north of Uniontown on Route 40. The Borough has a unique mixture of residential, commercial, industrial and highway commercial uses. The majority of this development lies along the Route 40 corridor and the River, where the historical significance of these transportation routes can be seen in the built environment of Brownsville.


Key Attributes

  • Many historic structures
  • River access point

Existing Built Area

  • 65% of Borough land area
  • The majority of the Borough is currently built out

Future Growth Areas

  • Growth will primarily occur as in-fill into the existing fabric or renovations

Rural Conservation

  • 22% of Borough land area

Commercial Conservation

  • 4% of Borough land area

Resource Preservation

  • 9% of Borough land area

Land Reclamation

  • 0.01% of Borough land area