Administrative Office of Fayette County Courts

Mission Statement

The responsibility of the Administrative Office is to manage the non-judicial functions of the court subject to the supervision and direction of the President Judge.

Fayette County Courthouse

Coronavirus Update - Court of Common Pleas of Fayette County to Restore Operations

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has ordered county courts to restore a wider range of operations, prioritizing critical functions and promoting timely administration of justice in all other matters subject to health and safety considerations.

Fayette County Coronavirus Update, with photograph of an individual using hand sanitizer.

Court operations will resume on May 11th giving due deference to social distance, enhanced facility cleaning, and other safety precautions as necessary. For proceedings that must be held in person, appropriate safety measures will be employed. Anyone entering the court facilities shall wear a mask for the duration and comply with safety measures consistent with the current federal and state executive guidance associated with countering the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Attorneys and litigants are encouraged to confirm hearings scheduled for May 2020 with the presiding judge and make appropriate arrangements if the same can be held by telephone or video conference. Criminal jury trials remain suspended for the May and June criminal court terms. Attorneys are encouraged to attend in-person hearings with only their client and any necessary witnesses. Attorneys should advise the presiding judge when matters can be decided on the papers without a hearing or an argument.

Motions shall be regularly docketed and filed in accordance with Local Rules for Motions Court. Motions Court at 9:00 a.m. remains suspended throughout May 2020. Attorneys of record or pro se litigants shall not appear in Motions Court and will be contacted by telephone by the assigned judge’s chambers for disposition of all motions.

The Fayette County Child Custody Services will resume scheduled mediation conferences beginning on May 11, 2020, subject to specific procedures and social distancing measures provided by that office. Contact the Office of Child Custody Services to confirm procedures prior to appearance.

Communications to judges’ chambers and the office of the Court Administrator shall be by telephone, mail, email, or fax and not in person. Documents should continue to be mailed for filing when able.


Duties of the Administrative Office include:

  • Jury management
  • Liaison functions to various groups and agencies
  • Personnel and fiscal management calendar or scheduling management information systems
  • Public information
  • Space and equipment management

Fayette County Local Rules

Updated: March 26, 2019

       Recent Amended/Rescinded/Adopted Rules:

Adopted - Fayette County Rule of Criminal Procedure 530 - Designation of Bail Agency

Notice: Statewide Orphans’ Court Rules effective September 1, 2016. Beginning on this date, state forms must be used where applicable. Local forms can no longer be used where a state form exists. Please consult the Unified Judicial System website.


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