Administrative Office of Fayette County Courts

Mission Statement

The responsibility of the Administrative Office is to manage the non-judicial functions of the court subject to the supervision and direction of the President Judge.

Fayette County Courthouse


Duties of the Administrative Office include:

  • Jury management
  • Liaison functions to various groups and agencies
  • Personnel and fiscal management calendar or scheduling management information systems
  • Public information
  • Space and equipment management

Fayette County Local Rules

Updated: March 26, 2019

       Recent Amended/Rescinded/Adopted Rules:

Master's Report. Notice. Exceptions.Final Decree - F.C.R 1920.55-2 (PDF)

Rescind F.C.R 1920.3, 1920.31, 1920.52, 1920.53(a)(1), 1920.53(a)(2) and 1920.76 (PDF)

Appointment of Master, Master's Fee, Transcript Costs - F.C.R. 1920.51(a) and 1920.51(b) (PDF)

Notice: Statewide Orphans' Court Rules effective September 1, 2016. Beginning on this date, state forms must be used where applicable. Local forms can no longer be used where a state form exists. Please consult the Unified Judicial System website.


Forms & Additional Information