Carbonate Geology

Carbonate rock formations occur throughout Fayette County and theoretically impact all development. 

Carbonate Geologic Hazards

Carbonate geologic hazards may be most evident on a site-specific basis when the following seem to be a feature of the landscape: 

  • Caverns
  • Depressions
  • Disappearing Streams
  • Fracture Traces
  • Ghost Lakes
  • Lineaments
  • Sinkholes

Intensive land use, leaking water pipelines, groundwater withdrawal from quarries and storm water systems can lead to subsidence problems. 

Subsurface Investigation

Land development and building construction in carbonate bedrock terrains should be proceeded by a subsurface investigation to clearly define subsidence prone areas. Depending upon the nature of development that is planned, foundations can be designed to avert potential problems. Foundation design and construction technology are well developed.