Upset, Repository, & Judicial Sale

This Office is responsible for the Upset Sale and the Judicial Sale both held yearly.  

Upset Sale

The Upset Sale is to be scheduled no earlier than the 2nd Monday of September or no later than the last day of September each year. (Buyer Beware-All Sales Final). Properties listed for this sale carry with them all liens and judgments recorded in the Courthouse. Properties not sold in the Upset Sale may carry over into a Judicial Sale. Our Upset Sale is  September 18th, 2023. To view a list look under sale documents. 


If you are planning on bidding you need to pre-register with the Tax Claim Bureau (Buyer Beware-All Sales Final) A title search performed is strongly recommended in order to be aware of any liens or judgments that may be against any property you are bidding on. 

Free & Clear/Judicial Sale is June 26th,2023 

For our Free and Clear sale all owners, lien and judgment holders are notified of sale, only if they have filed a lien in our prothonotary office. Liens and judgments do not follow the property unless not served by our sheriffs department. There is a sheriff return filed in the Prothonotary office that will show all services made and attempted. Pre-Registration is required, and is now open. 


Method of payment for both sales are cash, money order, certified check or official check (no out of state checks). Personal checks will be accepted if accompanied with bank letter. Credit/debit cards are not accepted for the Upset and Judicial Sale.

Repository Sale

Any property not sold at Judicial sale will be listed in the County Repository for Unsold Properties. Repository properties are sold free and clear of all tax and municipal claims, mortgages, liens except ground rents and possibly IRS Liens, if any. 

Buyer’s Responsibility

The Tax Claim Bureau makes no representations or warranties as to the title, location or use of the property. Properties are sold "as is". It is the buyers’ responsibility to make their own determination as to the condition. Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware) applies. It is recommended that you seek advise of an attorney prior to buying any of these properties.

All sales are final and no adjustments will be made after the property is sold. Any problem of possession of the premises arising after purchase shall be the responsibility of the purchaser to resolve. The sale does not purport to convey personal property which may be on the premises. 

The Real Estate Tax Sales Act of 1947, as amended, applies to all Repository List Sales. If there is a "Bid received" comment already, you cannot bid on the parcel.