Tax Claim Bureau

Mission Statement

The Tax Claim Bureau collects delinquent real estate tax for the 42 districts in Fayette County. The Bureau is responsible for notifying taxpayers of delinquent taxes and pending sales.
Fayette County Courthouse

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  1. Tax Claim Bureau 

 - Tax Claim Bureau is now located at 2 West Main Street Uniontown, PA 15401. 

Pre-Registration is now required by Act 33. Any person attending an auction must register no one else will be permitted in the room. 

The documents you will need are on the tax sale page.

Registration for our Upset Sale is July 26th , 2023 till September 1st,2023. 

The Tax Claim Bureau is open for in person business, the Director and Staff respectfully request that you conduct your business with the office either online or by US Mail if possible.

Your consideration and patience in this matter, as we all strive to remain healthy, is greatly appreciated.


The Fayette County Tax Claim Bureau was created when the Pennsylvania Real Estate Tax Sale Law (Act 542 of 1947) was enacted. The purpose of Act 542 is to promptly return properties with delinquent real estate taxes to the productive tax rolls. The act also provides a uniform system of eliminating title disputes and solving problems from the previous system.

General Activities

The provisions of certain divestitures of liens and encumbrances appear to attract purchasers to tax sales, thus transferring non-taxpaying properties to the current tax roles and into the hands of responsible taxpayers.

The Tax Claim Bureau receives approximately 14,000 delinquent returns each year. The general activities that take place in the Tax Claim Bureau are collections, tax sales, and distribution of paid taxes. The Bureau also works very closely with all political sub-divisions with taxing authority.

Tax Sales

Tax Sales are Judicial, commonly known as Free and Clear Sale. Upset Sales are held in September and Repository Sales held monthly. Distribution for monies collected are made monthly to taxing districts. 

Payment Plans

Property owners may enter into an installment payment plan for 
properties pending sale if eligible. Fayette County is bound by the County Code and State Laws and must abide and therefore cannot make exceptions for anyone.   

Additional Information

This Office, in addition to providing delinquent tax information, can also provide certified letters for property information and statement of taxes. The fee is $15 per parcel. The Office works with mortgage companies, title companies, attorneys and banks to provide tax information which help to eliminate the sale of properties.