Plan Inter-Relationships

Creating Uniform Decisions at Every Level

The scope of a Comprehensive Land Use Plan includes the planning of social, economic, administrative, and fiscal matters, many of which are interrelated with physical planning. In order to be effective, the plan must function as a process. Fayette County realizes the need to have each element build upon one another as well as a process within each element individually to attain an objective or goal for that single element.

Fayette County is unique because of countywide zoning, subdivision, and land development in thirty-two of the forty-two municipalities. The remaining municipalities govern at the municipal level. Through the comprehensive planning process, community goals and objectives were identified to direct the needs and issues of not only Fayette County, but also individual municipalities.

Fayette County will utilize this plan as a guide to update the zoning, subdivision, and land development ordinances and to make sound land use decisions at the county and municipal level. The overall goal of Fayette is to have managed growth and make sound land use decisions by preserving the character of this rural county.


Furthermore, this plan references other plans/studies that are completed in the County, such as: the Strategic Plan for Fayette County, the Solid Waste Plan, and the Natural Heritage Inventory Study. Also, there was consideration of the Mon-Fayette Expressway impact, the construction of the State Correctional Institute, and the economic zones as identified at both the state and federal levels as relating to land use. 

This is not inclusive, however the plan must consider all other plans/studies being completed as to have continuity among the numerous plans that will be implemented within Fayette County.