Wayland Smith

The members of this plan's staff and steering committee unanimously wish to dedicate this plan to the memory of fellow committee member and friend Wayland Smith. He served twenty-seven years as the Executive Director of the Fayette County Redevelopment Authority, but that only tells a fraction of his true worth to this community as the towering figure he was. Whether as professional or citizen, Fayette County will be hard-pressed to again find so dedicated and so true a visionary as this man.

This Comprehensive Land Use Plan was a passion of Wayland's, even after retirement in 1999. His energy, his dedication, his knowledge, and his drive were infectious and only made all of the rest of the committee strive to do better. Many components of the plan were dreams of Wayland's for years, especially the mapping, and without him may never have been accomplished.

Continued Vision

Wayland Smith died on February 14, 2000, but the legacy he leaves is substantial. He is greatly missed, but those of us whom he has left behind, those of us who knew him, realize that the best testimonial we can give him is to continue his vision of making Fayette County the best it can be - preserving the past, enhancing the present, and encouraging the smartest future. 

Land use that doesn't simply sound good, but that is good and sound. We offer this plan as the anchor for this, and dedicate ourselves, as we hope others will, to that potential we all have to make real all that is good.

Simply, all that was Wayland.