Solid Waste, Recycling & Stormwater

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to work with local municipalities, schools and businesses to help establish recycling programs; educate the public about the benefits of composting and waste reduction; provide curbside, drop-off and special recycling events and assure adequate and proper disposal of all municipal solid waste generated in Fayette County.

Fayette County Courthouse

Recycling Electronics at Goodwill  

Televisions, computers, and other small electronics and accessories are now being accepted for recycling at Goodwill, located at 105 Romeo Lane, Uniontown, PA  15401 (next to 84 Lumber).   

Hours for drop-off are 8 am - 3 pm Monday through Friday.  If you have questions, please call Goodwill at 724.437.9987.

Flyer from Goodwill detailing what they wll accept for recycling


Trash Travels - Help Keep Litter Out of Our Waterways  

Registration is Open for Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful’s Pick Up Pennsylvania

 Photo of Pick Up Pennsylvania volunteers

Registration is open for the 2019 Pick Up Pennsylvania, a fall cleanup program supporting the Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup. Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful invites individuals, families, friends, civic organizations and businesses to coordinate a cleanup or join an existing cleanup to remove litter from our neighborhoods and local waterways to prevent it from reaching our oceans.


A significant portion of waterway pollution originates on land. When it rains, trash on sidewalks and streets accumulates and is swept into storm drains. Most storm drain systems discharge directly into the nearest creek or river, eventually flowing to the ocean taking all the trash with it. To prevent litter from ending up in our waterways, Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful coordinates Pick Up Pennsylvania, in support of the Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup, from September 1 through October 31.


As the largest volunteer effort aimed at improving the health of our oceans, the International Coastal Cleanup, engages hundreds of thousands of volunteers from around the world to remove millions of pounds of plastics and debris from inland areas and waterways. 


“Cleaning up your local park or street that you live on might seem unrelated to healthy waterways, especially when there isn’t any water in sight, but I think we have all seen litter blocking storm drains. Cleaning up that litter before it has a chance to be washed into the creek will significantly reduce the amount of trash that reaches our local waterways and eventually, our oceans,” explained Shannon Reiter, President of Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful. “Please lend a hand and join us in a cleanup this fall.”


To register visit and choose the Pick Up Pennsylvania button at the top of the homepage. Gloves and bags are available for registered events while supplies last. For questions regarding Pick Up Pennsylvania, please contact Michelle Dunn, Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful’s Cleanup Coordinator, at 1-877-772-3673 Ext. 113 or Cleanup tools and resources to help organize a safe and successful cleanup can be found here


Last year, 577 events were held across Pennsylvania - 13,297 volunteers removed 523,855 pounds of trash and tires from Pennsylvania’s waterways, coastal regions, parks, sidewalks, streets and neighborhoods, preventing litter and debris from making its way downstream.


2019 Pick Up Pennsylvania Flyer

2019 Pick Up Pennsylvania Press Release

Clean Up This Independence Day with These 10 Tips (from Keep America Beautiful®)

The Keep America Beautiful #Beautiful4th campaign, taking place from July 1-7, encourages Americans to celebrate the Fourth of July weekend with the environment in mind.

Here are 10 ways to honor the land of the free, while protecting and preserving our beautiful places.

1. Leave nothing behind. 
The Fourth of July is synonymous with trips to the beach and parks with family and friends – often resulting in littered public spaces. Do your part by cleaning up your picnic or beach spot before you leave and picking up any litter you see along the way. Also, if lighting fireworks at home, remember to pick up debris afterward. 

2. Continue the party the next day. 
Several of our affiliates and other groups across the country host beach cleanups on July 5 to pick up the litter and debris left behind by holiday beachgoers. Click to find an affiliate near you or host your own cleanup with friends. 

3. Reduce. 
Cut back on waste where you can by using reusable dishware, silverware, and tablecloths. You can also reduce your environmental impact by carpooling or riding a bike to your destination. 

4. Reuse. 
Use decorations you already own instead of buying new items. If you do purchase new items, store them for continued use next year. You can also take items you have at home and upcycle them into something new! For example, you can use empty wine bottles as candle holders or vases for cut flowers for a unique centerpiece. 

5. Recycle. 
Check locally to see where you can recycle common party waste like aluminum, glass, and plastic bottles. Plastic grocery bags, hotdog and hamburger bun bags, and bags that carry ice are all recyclable at drop-off locations at retailers across the country. If on the go, carry a bag to bring your recyclables home! 

6. Get outside. 
According to a 2019 study published in the International Journal of Environmental Health Research, spending just 20 minutes in a park is enough to improve an individual’s well-being. Over the Fourth of July weekend, spend time in a local park near you – you may feel healthier! 

7. Get moving. 
Be part of the “plogging” trend over the holiday weekend! Plogging combines jogging with intermittent squatting to pick up litter, offering exercise benefits while supporting your community and the environment. Learn more here.

8. Release the fish. Keep the trash. 
Keep America Beautiful and Fishbrain, the world’s most popular mobile app and social network for people who love fishing, are partnering for the second year on a Fourth of July initiative to encourage trash-free waterways. Using the hashtag ‘#trashoftheday’ and Fishbrain’s geolocation features, users of the app are encouraged to remove littered items they encounter while fishing and upload images. 

9. Stay in the know.
Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to be inspired by photos and stories of community improvement projects taking place across the country … led by people just like you! 

10. Give back. 
Donate to Keep America Beautiful to help us continue to make a lasting environmental, economic, and social impact on communities nationwide.

Recycling Information

2019 Hard to Recycle Event Capacity Notice

Please be aware that, once all trailers are filled to capacity with electronic devices (televisions, computers, etc.) at any given event, we will not accept any further electronic devices at that event!