Veteran Affairs

Fayette County recognizes the sacrifices our veterans have made to protect our freedom.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Veterans Affairs Office is to ensure that every Fayette County veteran receives those benefits to which they are entitled and deserving.

Assistance & Benefits

The Veterans Affairs Office will assist every veteran and their families with obtaining local, state and federal benefits for which they are entitled and will assist them with the application process.

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Fayette County HR Coronavirus Update, with photograph of an individual using hand sanitizer.

Coronavirus Update - Veterans Affairs Office 

Until further notice, the Director and Staff of the Veterans Affairs Office respectfully request that you conduct all business with the office either phone or email where possible.  The Office will be limiting in-person visits to one person at a time.

Your consideration and patience in this matter, as we all strive to remain healthy, is greatly appreciated.

Coronavirus Update - VA Buses and VA Clinic

Until further notice, the Veterans Administration Clinic has cancelled all appointments and buses from the Veterans Affairs Office will not be running.  

We apologize for any inconvenience.